[G-Stats Seminar] Dimbihery Rabenoro

Dimbihery Rabenoro


Bio: Dimby did his PdD at Universite Paris 6 on large deviation theory. He came to visit Inria and gave a talk to present his results.

Abstract: In this talk, we present an overview of the results we have obtained during the PHD, with common thread the theory of Large Deviations Principles (LDP). First, we give the basics of LDP. Then, we recall Cramer’s theorem (a LDP for partial sums) and state our contribution on some functional limit theorems based on a Cramer’s type LDP. Next, we present Sanov’s theorem (a LDP for empirical measures), in order to introduce our results on some Gibbs type conditional limit theorems. We conclude by giving some outlooks of extensions of the last results to manifold-valued data.

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