[G-Stats Seminar] Dmitri Alekseevsky

Dmitri Alekseevsky


In the context of a collaboration on abstract statistics in symmetric spaces, Dmitri Alekseevsky (Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Moscow) visited Inria from February 6 to 13 2019. Dmitri is a well know pure mathematician in differential geometry, specialist of homogeneous and symmetric spaces, Flags, pseudo-Riemannian geometry, etc.

During his visit, he kindly accepted to give a course on the differential geometry of homogeneous spaces with a focus on:
* invariant connections on homogeneous  reductive manifolds, their curvature, torsion  and  geodesics
* affine & Riemannian symmetric  spaces
* invariant structures on homogeneous manifolds and Lie groups

The course was held in room Coriolis (Galois Building) on Thursday 7 et Friday 8 from 10h30 to 12h and 13h30 to 15h.

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