[G-Stats Seminar] Emmanuel Chevallier

Emmanuel Chevallier

Aix-Marseille university (AMU)

24/02/2022 – h. 2 p.m.

Bio: Emmanuel is an assistant professor at Aix-Marseille university (AMU), in the “physics and image processing” team of the Fresnel institute. Before joining AMU, he was a post-doc at Duke university with David Dunson and Jana Schaich Borg, a post-doc at the Weizmann institute with Ronen Basri, and a phd student at Ecole des Mines de Paris with Jesus Angulo. His research is focused on data science problems involving particular geometric structures.

Hyperbolic geometry and light polarization.

Abstract: I will start this talk by an introduction to hyperbolic spaces: how
they are constructed and why they form an important class of spaces. I
will continue by an introduction to the polarization of light waves.
After describing the fully polarized planar waves, we will see how the
Stockes vector describing the state of a partially polarized light, is
naturally interpreted as a point of the hyperbolique space of dimension
3. We will then discuss the consequences of this observation.

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